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Services we provide

Termite Inspection

We look for Termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and other wood destroying organisms.

Thermal Imaging

Possibly the most important part of the inspection. This will show hidden repairs, pipe leaks, roof leaks, moisture intrusion, and energy costing defects.

Whole House Inspection

An in depth look at the entire home inside and out including the exterior grading of the homes lot.


Electrical Inspection

A look at the electrical outlets and wiring to find any obvious defects or possible fire hazards.


Plumbing Inspection

Checking all plumbing fixtures for proper fit

and function as well as a visual inspection of all visible plumbing lines.

Roof Inspection​

A visual inspection of all roofing components to make sure there are no obvious leaks or damaged roof components such as shingles, flashing, etc.

Deck Inspection

A visual look at all deck components to make sure the deck is attached properly to the home and has safe components to sustain the intended load as well as possible wood rot points and up heave of ground components.

Appliance Inspection

General check of the working condition of the basic appliances in a home such as ovens, dishwashers, cloths washers, cloths dryers, etc.


Combustible gas detection 

Electrical detection of combustible gasses such as natural gas, and propane.


Foundation Inspection

A visual inspection for efflorescence, foundation settling and cracking, drainage issues, possible moisture intrusion, access points for insects and rodents, etc.

Attic Inspection

A check of the insulation depth as well as missing insulation areas, vent terminations, general structural issues, moisture intrusion, etc.

HVAC Inspection

A check to make sure the HVAC unit is operating at acceptable temperatures and cycles.

Moisture Intrusion

Electronic and visual inspection for moisture intrusion on all points of the home.

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