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Home inspection

About our company

  The owner believes in conducting a quality inspection and providing an easy to understand report so you can feel comfortable about your new home.

 The average person makes the decision to buy a home in under 10 minutes! A good home inspection will uncover the things you did not have the time to see when you were falling in love with your new home.


 We are a locally owned company in the greater Knoxville T.N. area that cares about our clients. We understand that buying a home can be a long and scary process so we try to make it a little easier on the buyer/client by doing a quality home inspection inside and out in a timely manner. We provide an in depth look into the bones of a home to make sure the buyer is making a smart financial decision and not just an emotional one.

  The owner of the company is truly interested in the safety of his clients as due to a wiring issue in his personal home in 2006 nearly cost him his life when his home burned down while he was sleeping inside. It was a huge life changing event for him and he understands not only the safety side of a well done home inspection but he understands the financial impact of a home disaster as well. 



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